"We are AMBIGUOUS! We are Agents of the Secular Slumber!

We succumb to the bliss of the Rational Mind and renounce the false path of Common Sense!"

Ambiguous Seculorus is the slumbering beast of the rational mind. His sole purpose is to enslave humanity under the oppressive lies of the Secular Slumber! When summoned, he emerges from his Cave of Nightmares to spread his message of Rational Thought Supremacy. His followers who call themselves "Ambiguous" or "Agents of the Secular Slumber" are everywhere.

Several years ago, the Rational Thought Fundamentalist group, "Ambiguous" set up a youtube channel for the purpose of attacking us. Thankfully, we suspect they forgot both their password and password security questions after two postings. "Common Sense" says they should have written those things down just in case... But I digress. Here we examine those videos and debunk them as the Secular propaganda they are!

OK, so on the surface this video is pretty incriminating. Out of context it appears to suggest That Dr.PI and K have constructed an elaborate scheme in order to lure people into a dangerous mind control cult scenario. "Common Sense" tells us the truth is far more simple. Leading up to that year's "Day of Awakening" celebration, Dr.PI was doing what any great leader does before a speech. He rehearses to make sure his message is clear. "Common Sense" demands it.

However, a conspiracy was afoot to throw our leader off his game. An Agent of the Secular Slumber infiltrated the group and had carefully substituted Dr.PI's regular brand of coffee with a cleverly crafted decaffienated taste-alike. Understandably, Dr.PI's system became compromised. His decaf poisoned mind became unbalanced and he was attacked by the wicked mechinations of the Rational Mind. Once he self diagnosed the problem he had a cappuccino and quickly recovered. Of course the video does not show that part!